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This is a fetish toy about disembodied legs. It's not a game. It includes the following characters.

  • Tracer (from Overwatch)
  • Dva (from Overwatch)
  • Mercy (from Overwatch)
  • Chun-Li (from Street Fighter)
  • Cammy (from Street Fighter)
  • Laura (from Street Fighter)
  • Neith (from Smite)
  • Taki (from Soul Calibur) (bugged)
  • Possibly more models in the future at no cost

Also features:

  • 3 camera modes: Orbit, follow and first person
  • Realistic ragdoll physics animations
  • Click, drag and move the models
  • Numerous settings/controls
  • Screenshot mode (hide all UI)

If you support me I will put more time into this project and make more varied and specific toys. Things I have in mind are vore, traditional porn and VR things.

Buyers will get access to a browser (chrome not supported) version of the full game. Useful if you don't want to have the project on your pc or if you're on a mac. Graphic settings lowered. Password in the downloads.

Free web demo this way (chrome not supported).

More information

Published83 days ago
Tags3D, adult, erotic, fetish, legs, nsfw, Physics
Average durationA few seconds


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Leg dolls windows full 1.3.zip 91 MB
web password.txt 65 bytes
Leg dolls windows full 1.2.zip 91 MB
Leg dolls windows full 1.1.zip 91 MB
Leg dolls windows full 1.0.zip 91 MB


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Wonder if any Tekken females would make it

If you can get me a link to a 3D model I could try to do it. Sometimes, models are so badly ripped that it's not possible to work with them, so I make no promises.

Any way you can get Cammy stand up on her own? Also, any plans to make this a little more adult?

Turns out it was bugged. I'm uploading an updated version that fixes Cammy right now. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yes, I have plans to do many things, including more traditional adult stuff. Feel free to make requests for future games.

And what about cartoon females' legs and maybe a headless fetish toy

Can you consider adding cartoon or anthrofemales, like Coco Bandicoot, Amy Rose, Cali (Skylanders) etc?

I could look into it when I have the time.

Great! I cannot wait to see the furry legs. Also, think you could upload more videos to demonstrate, later on